EDIA Working Group

What we do

The EDIA working group is an extension of the EDIA subgroup, and supports the subgroup in fulfilling its aims and objectives.

These include:

  • Actively driving continuous improvement in the diversity and inclusivity of the Society and the RSE community.
  • Maintaining the codes of conduct for the Society and Society events. 
  • Ensuring that data is gathered to give a sound basis for trustee decision making, including data on various dimensions of diversity as well as the needs and priorities of the RSE community.
  • Proactively getting involved in all activities to ensure that we meet our EDIA goals.
  • Reporting on progress of how the Society has improved inclusivity and accessibility. 
  • Measuring the impact of specific initiatives and actions undertaken. 
  • Liaising with the EDI chair of the RSE conference.
  • Ensuring accessibility of the SocRSE website, tools and processes.

Getting community members involved in this work ensures that we have input from a larger number of people with different backgrounds, experiences and ideas.

We always welcome new initiatives that progress the Society’s EDIA aims.

How to join us

Contact us as [email protected]

Terms of reference

Our terms of reference can be found here: EDIA Working Group Terms of Reference