EDIA Working Group

What we do

The EDIA working group is an extension of the EDIA subgroup, and supports the subgroup in fulfilling its aims and objectives.

These include:

  • Actively driving continuous improvement in the diversity and inclusivity of the Society and the RSE community.
  • Maintaining the codes of conduct for the Society and Society events. 
  • Ensuring that data is gathered to give a sound basis for trustee decision making, including data on various dimensions of diversity as well as the needs and priorities of the RSE community.
  • Proactively getting involved in all activities to ensure that we meet our EDIA goals.
  • Reporting on progress of how the Society has improved inclusivity and accessibility. 
  • Measuring the impact of specific initiatives and actions undertaken. 
  • Liaising with the EDI chair of the RSE conference.
  • Ensuring accessibility of the SocRSE website, tools and processes.

Getting community members involved in this work ensures that we have input from a larger number of people with different backgrounds, experiences and ideas.

We always welcome new initiatives that progress the Society’s EDIA aims.

RSE Landscape Review and EDIA Strategy

We conducted a couple of surveys and workshops to scope the RSE landscape in terms of role diversity and EDIA. Read our landscape review here.

This review has fed into our EDIA strategy. This strategy is subject to continuous updates, you can read the version from June 16, 2022 here:

EDIA strategy from June 16, 2022

We are aware that this strategy will suffer from our own limitations, and we welcome feedback and suggestions. Please email us under the email address given below, and/or join our EDIA working group to help us improve!

How to join us

Contact us as [email protected]

Terms of reference

Our terms of reference can be found here: EDIA Working Group Terms of Reference