Remote Chair

Post-pandemic, there’s a strong demand for remote participation in the conference, and a good quality remote experience takes a lot of time and effort to deliver.

This role will involve working as part of the logistics team, alongside the programme team, with a view to planning and implementing a worthwhile and cost-effective remote offering for the conference. This could end up being anything from setting up the infrastructure to livestream talks, and determining how many volunteers would be needed to run them, to exploring more involved hybrid panels. This role is suitable for someone relatively experienced – the Remote Chair will need to help figure out an offering that maximises remote/hybrid attendance without leading to a drop in in-person attendance.

Responsibilities will include:

  • Plan and cost (in terms of £ and volunteer effort) possible remote or hybrid options.
  • Research vendors (or purchasing options) for cameras, microphones, etc. and liaise with the Logistics and Volunteer Chairs to get them set up.
  • Manage the remote/hybrid delivery on the day!