Society of RSE Mentoring Scheme Sign-Up

After the success of last year’s pilot, the Society of RSE’s mentoring scheme has been launched fully for 2023! up by November 30th!

The scheme’s open to people at all levels. If you’re a mid-career RSE seeking advice from group leaders on how to progress to running a group of your own, or you’re a junior just wondering what a career in RSE could be, then join the scheme! Likewise, we’re looking for mentors at all levels, from group leads to regular RSEs who can help junior RSEs and other early-career staff figure out what they might want to do.

Mentees must be current members of the Society of RSE (so sign up!). After you express interest, we’ll check your membership status then send you the link to the application form, where you can tell us what you’re looking for from the program, and where your skills and experience lie, so we can best pair you up! The deadline is November 30th. Then Coach Mentoring will deliver induction sessions in late January for mentors and mentees, training them in how to get the most out of the mentoring relationship – we’re aiming for ~1 one hour long meeting for each mentor-mentee pair each month, for 5 or so months (or longer!).

Last year’s pilot scheme was a great success. 100% of mentees reported that they were satisfied with the support and advice they received, and that it had benefited their personal development and given them a better understanding of career paths! Meanwhile, mentors reported it was a great way to develop new skills in leadership and supporting, and helping shape people’s careers was a personally fulfilling process.

We’re also hoping to support RSSE Africa by offering 3 mentee positions to RSEs at Stellenboch University, South Africa, so joining the scheme as a mentor is a great way to help further the worldwide RSE movement!

So please sign up to the mentoring scheme now!

About the author: Sam Mangham