Joanna Leng

I am a newly funded EPSRC RSE Fellow having worked in research computing for 20 years; with a PhD and MSc in Visualization as well as a BSc in Biophysics. My fellowship is broad with the title Research Computing and Imaging, following the successful model of the SCI (Scientific Computing and Imaging) Institute in Utah that is ranked top for visualization in the world. I am also partnered with 2 national experimental facilities Diamond Light Source and SuperSTEM. I will work on 7 case studies for which I will write software, develop computational workflows and training materials with the aim of accelerating the science, improving consistency and improving the adoption of advanced imaging techniques into academic research.

Through my PhD and my time in research computing I have develop a strong interest in the innovation and adoption of computing practices and technologies. In 2011 I edited a 2 volume book on research computing called “The Handbook of Research on Computational Science and Engineering: Theory and Practice” with Wes Sharrock, a sociologist. I am currently in the Women in HPC network that aims to improve the diversity within research computing and The Superposition an Arts, Science and Maker collective.