Communications and Publicity Working Group

What we do

The Communications working group is an extension of the Communications and Publicity subgroup, and supports the subgroup in fulfilling its aims and objectives.

These include:

  • Create and deliver a communications plan for our community
  • To include a bimonthly newsletter
  • Maintain a presence on the Society Twitter account
  • Building the community on Twitter, engaging more members, build the Society brand
  • Continue to grow the Slack community
  • Review needs for communication channels as required
  • Create a publicity plan for specific events to engage our members (and a wider audience) to ensure that events are well attended and represented.
  • Graphics/branding – Coordinate professional branding, graphics, creative PR materials etc
  • Work with membership roles to maintain and increase mailing list (non-paying members) on e.g. whitefuse
  • Ensure publicity and printed/display materials maintain branding guides (e.g. by producing content via canva).

How to join us

Contact us at [email protected]

Terms of reference

Our terms of reference can be found here: Communications and Publicity Terms of Reference