You can post a vacancy here for any role which involves a significant element of writing software for research, or supports the role of RSEs.

It is not a requirement that your job title is listed as “Research Software Engineer” however you should consider the advantages of doing so. I.e.:

  • You will support the advocacy of the RSE role
  • The job will have a clear intent that the position is about developing research software not necessarily undertaking novel research (more appropriate for a research associate).
  • The job will be naturally signposted to our welcoming and growing RSE community

If your job involves supporting RSEs in their role or is otherwise related to RSE without directly involving writing software for research, it will be published under ‘Related non-RSE’.

You can add the details yourself using this form and it will go to a member of our web team for approval.

RSE Job Vacancies

Related non-RSE / RSE-like Vacancies

These vacancies are not necessarily for RSE positions, but we believe they may still be of interest to our community.