The formation of the Society of Research Software Engineering was driven by a community-led campaign. We look to support the everyone in the RSE community, whether they are members of the Society or not. There are various ways in which you can work with RSEs and contribute to the community.

If you want to get in touch with a local RSE Group to discuss software engineering work, to discuss careers, to investigate training or anything related to local RSE activities, then visit the RSE Groups page which lists all RSE Groups in the UK. (If you would like us to add your group to this page, please get in touch.)

The EPSRC has supported Fellowships in research software engineering. You can learn about these valuable fellowships that are helping increase recognition of research software engineering on the RSE Fellows pages.

As the RSE community has grown, there has been a call for more frequent events and more opportunities for local networking which has led to the development of regional RSE communities. The first community launched in the South East in 2018. If you would like help setting up a new regional community, please get in touch.