RSE Fellows

In 2015, the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), the UK’s main agency for funding research in engineering and the physical sciences, released a fellowship call specifically targeted at Research Software Engineers.

The call aimed to provide up to five years of support for individuals with both expertise in programming and solid knowledge of the research environment, who would work with researchers to gain an understanding of the problems they face; they would then develop, maintain and extend software to provide solutions.  To support the role of RSEs and establish a cohort in the academic environment, up to £3m was available for this pilot call.

Full proposals were subject to a rigorous peer review process before a final selection by interview of 7 EPSRC RSE Fellows in 2016. This was the first fellowship scheme of this kind in the world.

A second call was issued by EPSRC in 2017, following which a new cohort of 4 EPSRC Fellows was selected.

A third call was issued by UKRI (involving both EPSRC and STFC) in 2021.

2021 EPSRC/STFC RSE Fellows

Eilis Hannon

University of Exeter

2016 EPSRC RSE Fellows

Louise Brown

University of Nottingham

Ian Bush

Oxford e-Research Center

Mike Croucher


Oliver Henrich

University of Strathclyde

Christopher Richardson

University of Cambridge

Paul Richmond

University of Sheffield

Chris Woods

University of Bristol

2018 EPSRC RSE Fellows

Jeremy Cohen

Imperial College London

Phil Hasnip

University of York

Joanna Leng

University of Leeds

Leila Muresan

University of Cambridge