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The Society of Research Software Engineering was founded on the belief that a world which relies on software must recognise the people who develop it. Our mission is to establish a research environment that recognises the vital role of software in research. We work to increase software skills across everyone in research, to promote collaboration between researchers and software experts, and to support the creation of an academic career path for Research Software Engineers.

What We Do


Our events help RSEs learn skills with new technologies, and techniques for managing projects and building careers.


The RSE community has grown rapidly across the UK and around the world.


The society advocates changes that will advance research by improving the software it relies on.


Resources that describe what it's like to work as an RSE and current RSE vacancies.


The society creates or collates resources for helping with advocacy or career advancement activities.


News on the Society's activities and the activities of its members.


RSE Groups

Contact information for all of the RSE groups in the UK.

RSE Fellows

Background on the 2016 and 2018 EPSRC RSE Fellows.

Regional Groups

All of the regional groups and meetups for RSE activities.


The society exists to advocate for its members


To advance the RSE role as a viable long-term career path within research institutions.


To highlight the important role RSEs play in delivering research results.


To champion the difference RSEs can make to a grant, and encourage funders to value this role in their calls.



Current RSE job opportunities around the world.

Case Studies

RSEs from different backgrounds talk about their roles and how they got there.


Help with writing job descriptions and adverts to attract RSEs.

Latest News

RSECon22 Committee Blog

By Mike Simpson The Society is currently looking for volunteers to join the Conference Organising Committee for the 2023 RSE Conference. If you’re thinking of applying but want to know more about what’s involved, then you’ve come to the right place.  My name is Mike, I was a member of the 2022 Committee, and...

Society of RSE Mentoring Scheme Sign-Up

After the success of last year’s pilot, the Society of RSE’s mentoring scheme has been launched fully for 2023! – sign up by November 30th! The scheme’s open to people at all levels. If you’re a mid-career RSE seeking advice from group leaders on how to progress to running a group of your...

RSE Midlands Launch Event

Gavin Yearwood, on behalf of the RSE Midlands Organising Committee On June 7th, 2022, the inaugural RSE Midlands event was held at the Edgbaston Park Hotel. This event had many hurdles to overcome with the first planned date being cancelled due to the 2021 winter lockdown. We also wanted it to be a fully...