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The Society of Research Software Engineering is a professional society established to further research software engineering for the benefit of research and the wider society.

Becoming a member of the Society will support our work gaining recognition for research software engineering and helping advance research with software. Membership allows you to vote on decisions made by the Society that will change the future of research software engineering around the world. Membership of the Society is open to anyone who is interested in furthering the Society’s goals.

The Society takes over the role of the successful, but informal, UK RSE Association in representing the RSE community. The UK RSE Association will be retired once transfer of operations has been completed to the Society. We hope that members and supporters of UK RSE Association will join us as full members of the Society of Research Software Engineering.

The Society’s website and Slack community are provided as a service for all and will continue to be available without any form of registration with the Society.

Membership Benefits

Members of the Society:

  • Support the work of the Society to further research software engineering
  • Gain early access to events
  • Can vote in Society decisions such as electing trustees or changing the constitution
  • Are eligible to stand for election as a trustee


For members joining in 2019, the cost of a year’s membership is £20.

The fee covers membership for a full calendar year from the date of payment. A recurring annual payment will be set up that can be cancelled at any time and membership will lapse on the anniversary of the last payment date.

How to join

Please see our policies page to for information about membership terms, our code of conduct and data handling, then visit membership registration site and fill in the form:

You can opt-in to receive our periodic email updates that will replace the previous RSE mailing list.

If you have questions or issues, you can ask in the #socRSE-membership slack channel or email [email protected]

Note for people based outside the UK: There are problems with registration for people with a non-UK bank account and/or address due to the direct debit form. We have raised this with the payment handling service and will try to resolve it.

How to edit your membership details

Creating an account on the membership platform (whitefuse) will let you manage your own data such as contact settings (the self-service editing interface is due to be released imminently). You can create the account first and then login before filling in the membership form, or you can create the account after joining the Society as long as you use the same email address. If you registered for the RSE 19 conference, using the same email address will link that booking to your membership and account too.

Mailing List

You can sign up to be added to our mailing list for Society announcements and a periodic digest of RSE-related news, consultations, events and jobs. 

Note: Joining this mailing list does not make you a member of the Society of Research Software Engineering. Mailing list subscribers do not pay subscription fees, but also do not gain the benefits of membership. If you join the Society you can opt in for the same email updates on the membership form so there is no need to sign up on this page too.

Emails will be managed by the Society with no direct access for third parties to send messages. This will replace the previous UK RSE mailing list once the transfer of operations to the new society is complete.

Terms and conditions

There are some policies that apply to anyone involved with the Society as a member, mailing list subscriber, or through taking part in our events, activities or online platforms. Details of our terms of membership, code of conduct and data handling policy can be found on our policies page.