Volunteer at RSECon

RSECon – the Annual Conference for Research Software Engineering – is hosted in the UK by the Society in September each year. The conference brings together RSEs from across the country and around the world for a series of talks, workshops, networking opportunities and satellite events.

Like the Society itself, the Conference is run by a team of volunteers, and on this page, you will find information about how you can get involved and help us deliver this amazing event.

The Programme Chair

The Programme Chair (or co-chairs) sits on the conference Steering Group and is responsible for coordinating between the Logistics and Programme teams, as well as setting the venue, themes and programme for the conference.

  • A more detailed description of the role can be found here.

If you are interested in being programme chair (or co-chair) at a future event, please read this information and then apply using the form on that page.

The Conference Committee

The conference committee is a group of volunteers, led by the Programme Chair, who are responsible for delivering the conference. Each committee member is responsible for one aspect of the conference.

A summary of the committee structure (and descriptions of all the roles) can be found here, but the committee consists of two main teams, as shown below.

The Logistics TeamThe Programme Team
Volunteer Chair
Publicity Chair
Website Chair
Hybrid Chair
Awards Chair
Workshop Chair
Workshop Team Members
Talks Chair
Talks Team Members 
RSE Worldwide Chair
Poster Session Chair

Some of these roles require more work than others, while others would be suitable for those looking to get involved in organising the conference but who cannot commit large amounts of time.

Other Ways to Help

In addition to roles on the Committee, there are other ways to get involved with the conference.


A team of around a dozen volunteers, led by the Volunteers Chair, are an essential part of delivering the conference. Responsibilities include working on the Registration Desk and Cloakroom, as well as making sure that all the equipment is working in the rooms and helping attendees. You will be provided with t-shirts, free tickets to the conference, and we will do our best to make sure you can attend the talks and workshops that are most interesting to you.

Talk Session Chairs

The session chair’s job is to introduce all of the speakers in the talk/workshop session, ensure they have everything they need and make sure they keep to time!


We also need people to help us review the various talks, workshops and posters submitted to RSECon.

More Information

To read testimonials from past committee members, click here.

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