The Society of Research Software Engineering is registered with the Charity Commission as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation with Charity Number 1182455.

The Society is governed by a constitution document which defines its overall purpose and some key aspects of how it operates:

The trustees of the society have responsibility for making sure our activities and resources are well-directed to meet these charitable aims.

The Society has chosen to adopt the Charity Governance Code and conducts a governance review at least once per year in order to continually improve our governance. Information on our governance procedures and how we use the Charity Governance Code will be published within our trustee annual report.

Each trustee is expected to undertake at least one core role to ensure the smooth operation of the Society. For details of each role, please see the role descriptions page.

Current Board of Trustees – September 2022 to September 2023

Read below for the roles and subgroups assigned to the individual trustees.

Photograph of Jamie Quinn
Jamie Quinn
Elected 2021
Photo of Ian Cottam
Ian Cottam
Elected 2020
Photograph of Alex Coleman
Alex Coleman
Elected 2022
Photograph of Evelina Gabasova
Evelina Gabasova
Vice President
Elected 2022
A silhouette to represent a missing photo
Robin Nandi
Vice Treasurer
Elected 2022
Photograph of Fergus Cooper
Fergus Cooper
Elected 2021
Photograph of Sam Mangham
Sam Mangham
Elected 2021
Photograph of David Beavan
David Beavan
Vice President
Elected 2022
A silhouette to represent a missing photo
Martin O’Reilly
Elected 2022
Photograph of Gillian Sinclair
Gillian Sinclair
Elected 2022
Photograph of Matt Williams
Matt Williams
Elected 2019
Re-elected 2021
A silhouette to represent a missing photo

Contact Us

If you want to contact any of the subgroups of the trustees, you may use the following email addresses:

  • All Trustees[email protected]
  • Governance[email protected]
    • Matt Williams – President
    • Evelina Gabasova – Vice President
    • David Beavan – Vice President
    • Gillian Sinclair – Secretary
    • Ian Cottam – Vice Secretary
  • Communications & Publicity[email protected]
    • Alex Coleman (Lead)
    • Jamie Quinn
    • Robin Nandi
    • Ian Cottam
    • Evelina Gabasova
  • Conference & Events[email protected]
    • Sam Mangham (Lead)
    • Gillian Sinclair
    • Martin O’Reilly
    • Robin Nandi (as vice treasurer)
  • Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility[email protected]
    • Jamie Quinn (co-lead)
    • Martin O’Reilly
    • Evelina Gabasova
  • Finance[email protected]
    • Fergus Cooper (Treasurer)
    • Robin Nandi (Vice Treasurer)
  • Web & Infrastructure[email protected]
    • Martin O’Reilly
    • Robin Nandi
    • Matt Williams
  • Membership[email protected]
    • Jamie Quinn (Lead)
    • Sam Mangham
    • Ian Cottam
    • Alex Coleman
    • David Beavan
  • Code of Conduct committee[email protected]
    • Matt Williams (as President)
    • Evelina Gabasova (as Vice President)
    • David Beavan (as Vice President)
    • Gillian Sinclair (as Secretary)
    • Ian Cottam (as Vice Secretary)
    • Jamie Quinn (as lead of EDIA subgroup)

Working Groups

  • Mentoring Programme[email protected]
    • Kirsty Pringle
    • Sam Mangham
    • Jamie Quinn
  • RSE Role Diversity
    • Marion Weinzierl (Lead)
    • Kirsty Pringle
    • Teri Forey
    • Claire Wyatt
  • Constitutional Changes
    • currently vacant
  • Regional RSE Groups[email protected]
    • Ian Cottam (Trustee)
    • Marion Weinzierl
    • Kirsty Pringle
    • Jeremy Cohen
    • Christopher Woods
  • EDIA (equality, diversity, inclusivity and accessibility) – [email protected]
    • Jamie Quinn (co-lead)
    • Anika Cawthorn
    • Martin O’Reilly
    • Evelina Gabasova
    • Jamie Quinn
    • Teri Forey
    • Malvika Sharan

Trustee Elections

Because of our origins as a grass-roots association, we wanted to put the members in control so we have adopted a governance model with trustees directly elected by the membership. To strike a balance between continuity and new input, one third of the trustees are up for re-election or replacement each year.

Annual General Meeting

The first formal Society AGM was held on Monday 7th September 2020. For more information see the event page. At the AGM the annual Trustee Report and Statement of Accounts were presented.

Advisory Group

We have an external advisory group which is governed by the Advisory Group Terms of Reference.

Annual Reports

Past Boards of Trustees

RSE Society Trustees 2021-2022
RSE Society Trustees 2020-2021
RSE Society Trustees 2019-2020

Past RSE Association Committees

UK RSE Association Committee 2016
UK RSE Association Committee 2015-2016
UK RSE Association Committee 2013-2015