Mike Simpson

Photograph of Mike Simpson

Mike (he/him) is a Research Software Engineer and one of the original members of the RSE Team at Newcastle University. His background is in video game development, and he has a keen interest in gamification and interactive data visualisation. In 2017, he completed his PhD and got a job as a Research Associate, but was doing the job of RSE in all-but-name, officially becoming an RSE in 2019. He has attended every RSE Conference since 2017, has given several talks at the conference and has been on the Conference Committee in 2022 (Poster and Publicity Chair) and 2023 (Publicity Co-chair).

In addition to trying to raise awareness of Research Software Engineering, Mike is also interested in discussing and promoting mental health, and is also a keen storyteller who has written blog posts for the Newcastle RSE Team, The Society and the Software Sustainability Institute.