Rules and Etiquette for Responsible Corporate Engagement on our Web Platforms

The UKRSE online community is first and foremost an open and inclusive community for RSEs to engage in open conversation in line with our charitable objectives.

The community is open to all however if you are not joining from a pre-approved institution then you are expected to fill in our request for access form. 

The online community is not an appropriate place for recruiters, marketing professionals or sales executives. Our members have expressed this preference and we ask you to respect this. Please do not be offended if your request for access directs you to this section of the CoC to confirm you have understood how to engage with the community.

If you are joining as an industrial member we ask that you abide by the following rules and etiquette.

  1. Do not use the community channels to advertise products or services associated with your organisation. I.e. Please do not use the channels for sales.
  2. Do not directly approach members about products or services unless invited by a member to discuss them.
  3. Sharing of events and training opportunities is encouraged however any events should be promoted in the #events channel and should be of specific interest to the RSE community (ideally organised with RSE involvement).
  4. Do not advertise corporate led communities and or certification schemes. Instead contact our membership team to find the best channel for promotion e.g. inclusion via our members benefit program. 

It is considered good practice to introduce yourself in the #introductions channel. This way our community will know to tag you in conversations where you can assist the community in a mutually beneficial way.

If in any doubt about conduct or behavior then please reach out to [email protected]  and we will be happy to provide any guidance that you need.

If you wish to promote specific products or services then please contact [email protected]. We would be happy to promote items of mutual benefit via our opt-in member benefits program. We also have opportunities for promotion at events such our annual conference which can be discussed with Claire Wyatt, the RSE Community Manager.