Case Studies

We interviewed RSEs at different career levels and asked them how they came to be in research software engineering. Read their inspiring interviews at the links below.

In 2021, we ran a workshop on “The RSE Landscape – What is your RSE type and how do you want to develop it?”. Read the summary blog post here.

We are always looking for people to provide new case studies! We know there is huge diversity of RSEs and RSE roles, and we want to highlight this diversity. If you are interested we’ll send you a set of questions to answer (don’t worry, you can pick those that you are happy to answer!) and we can also help you write it up. Please email [email protected].

2022 Case Studies

Emma Hogan

Met Office

Alison Clarke

Durham University

2021 Case Studies

Al Tanner

University of Bristol

Sarah Gibson


Vanessa Sochat

Lawrence Livermore National Lab

Andy Janco

Haverford College

2019 Case Studies

James Graham

Software Sustainability Institute

Louise Lever

University of Manchester

Alex Meakins


Maik Riechert

Microsoft Research, Cambridge

Sue Thorne