RSE Leaders Meeting – Autumn 2019

Date: Thursday 19th December 2019
Location: EPCC, The Bayes Centre, 47 Potterrow, Edinburgh, EH8 9BT.
Host: Andy Turner
Theme: Defining RSE skills and competencies
Proposal: It would be useful to work towards a formal definition of what skills define an RSE and the various competency levels in the skills. This can then be used to help define different RSE roles at different levels and also form a starting point to define an RSE training programme (or even apprenticeships). From this meeting, it would be good to agree the structure that such a formal definition would take and concrete actions to kick this work off properly.

The two ‘RSE skills’ placeholders in the agenda below are intended for attendees who would like to present about this subject.

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10:00 Arrival (refreshments available)  
10:30 Welcome and housekeeping (Andy Turner, EPCC)      
10:40 Why we need to define RSE skills (Andy Turner, EPCC) 
11:00 RSE Skills 1 (TBC)        

11:15 RSE Skills 2 (TBC)        

11:30 Discussion: RSE Skills and approaches                  
– Discuss pros and cons                  
– Decide on discussion topic areas where action can be taken        

12:30 Lunch        

13:15 General questions and updates     
14:00 Discuss topic areas and produce blog post section on topic (can be done in one group or by splitting up)      
  – Identify challenges in this topic                  
– How can we address the challenges?                 
  – What resources are needed to address the challenges?                  
– Draft blog post section     

15:00 Present outcomes of topic discussions and assemble blog post

15:30 Close


If you have any questions about this event or Leaders meetings in general, contact Claire Wyatt, RSE Community Manager, c.wyatt at