Jamie Quinn

Photograph of Jamie Quinn

Due to a formative introduction to linux and DIY computing at an early age (thanks to an eccentric grandfather) Jamie has been obsessed with making computers “do stuff” for some time now. An initial desire to develop real-time physics engines for games developed into a love of mathematical modelling and high-performance computing, particularly applied to the magical world of geophysical and astrophysical fluids dynamics. After pursuing degrees in applied mathematics and physics, then solar physics, with forays into computational biology, oceanography, and computer graphics rendering, Jamie currently works as an RSE at UCL’s Centre for Advanced Research Computing, offering his experience and skills in simulation and software development to researchers in a variety of fields. Teaching and mentoring has remained a large part of Jamie’s career and he currently instructs for The Software Carpentries, lectures on UCL’s C++ in physics course, and regularly mentors for a variety of organisations.