Jeremy Cohen

Jeremy Cohen is an EPSRC RSE Fellow based in the Department of Computing at Imperial College London. His fellowship involves software development work helping to enhance the usability of scientific codes and complex pipelines by scientists/researchers and other end-user groups. This work focuses on two main collaborations at Imperial, covering the Platform for Research in Simulation Methods (PRISM) community at Imperial, in particular the Nektar++ spectral/hp element code, and the Institute for Translational Medicine and Therapeutics (ITMAT) Data Science Group. He also collaborates with Imperial’s central RSE team on a variety of community and training activities. Jeremy started and leads Imperial’s Research Software community and, as part of his fellowship programme, started and runs the regional Research Software London community for researchers, RSEs and anyone with an interest in research software in the London and South East of England region. He is also undertaking work to investigate economic aspects of research software engineering and the models and approaches used to develop research software.