Membership Platform Transition

The Trustees would like to inform our members about upcoming changes to the way that we manage your membership of the Society.

Since the Society was founded, we have been using White Fuse as our membership platform. However, as the Society has grown and our needs have changed, we have decided that White Fuse is no longer fit for purpose, and so the Trustees have voted to transition to a new platform: Wild Apricot.

What is happening?

Existing membership data will be transferred from White Fuse to Wild Apricot. This new platform will then be used by new members joining the society and by existing members to manage their membership and personal information.

When is this happening?

We expect the transition to take place sometime in March. We will confirm the transfer date closer to the time.

Do I need to do anything?

The transfer process itself will be automated, but we would like to make sure that the data we have is up-to-date. So, please log in to your current membership account and check your details – particularly your email address – so that we can stay in touch and make sure the transition goes smoothly.

– – – –

We will contact all our members nearer the time with details of when the transition is expected to take place, as well as instructions for how to log in to the new platform and manage your account once the transition is complete.

If you have any questions or concerns about the transition or how we store/use your data, you can contact the membership team or the trustees here:

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