Nominations now open for Society trustee elections

The Society of Research Software Engineering is seeking members to stand for election to its board of trustees and help steer the direction of our fledgling organisation. We’re really keen to bring new, energetic trustees onto the board to help shape the new Society and participate in its running.

Please join the Society and put yourself forward as a candidate if you can commit some time, energy and enthusiasm to help us. This early phase will be crucial in terms of how the Society develops.

Nominations close at 5pm on Monday 16th September.

Update: we have extended the nomination deadline by a day to allow for nominations of people inspired by the first day of the RSE conference! Nominations now close at 6pm on Tuesday 17th September.

Who should stand?

This previous post describes the role of our trustees, what skills and qualities are needed and the level of commitment:

The most important quality is enthusiasm for playing an active role in shaping and running the Society to make sure we are doing the right things to meet our aims. If you are not sure whether to stand, please chat to any of the existing trustees. All are on the RSE Slack or you can email [email protected].

How to stand for election

Please nominate yourself using this form.

In section 1 you will be asked for some basic information. Section 2 is to confirm that you understand the nature of the role and are eligible. You will be asked to supply the email address of two other Society members who support your nomination – please get their permission first. The final section of the form is your pitch to the Society’s membership. The three questions to answer are:

  • How have you contributed to furthering the RSE role and building the community?
  • What abilities can you bring to the role of trustee that would be useful in establishing and running a new organisation?
  • What would you like to help achieve through the Society in the role of trustee?

After nominations close, information about candidates will then be published on our website. All members can vote and voting will open at the Society AGM on 18th September, where candidates will have the opportunity to introduce themselves through a lightning talk. Voting will close two weeks after that so that the new trustee body can be in place in October.

Information for candidates

Half of the new trustee body will be appointed for a 1-year term and the other half for a 2-year term so that, from this point onwards, half the places will be up for election each year. This year, in order to transition to this staggered system, half of the places on the board are reserved for the highest-polling existing trustees. The members on a 1-year term will be drawn from the continuing trustees so that all newly-elected trustees will be on a 2-year term.

The Society’s constitution defines some aspects of how the trustees must run the Society. This Charity Commission document describes the role and responsibilities of charity trustees. Please read these before deciding to stand.

These are the formalities, but my experience is that it’s a pleasure to work with this committee who manage to achieve important things in limited time, support each other, and have fun doing it!

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