Oliver Henrich

My name is Oliver Henrich and I am based at the Department of Physics, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, where I conduct an independent research programme and build up a centralised RSE service for the University. In this regard, I have a two-fold agenda, which poses its own challenges.

My research area is soft condensed matter, an interdisciplinary field at the interface of physics, chemistry and biology and biophysics. I work currently mainly on coarse-grained models of DNA and RNA, which allow us to simulate the physics of nucleic acids on unprecedented time and length scales where more detailed atomistic models cannot deliver the required resolution.

As a computational scientist and research software engineer, my role goes beyond conducting the research. I am developer of the LAMMPS code and provide community software for nucleic acid research. I created as well a local RSE support network with regular Hacky Hours and we are about to start a software engineering service that allows to buy time of dedicated and professional programmers for research projects and industrial collaborations.