Teri Forey

I am a self-employed RSE working as a contractor with the Wellcome Trust, whilst also doing RSE projects with researchers at the University of Leicester. I specialise in full-stack web development and the python language although I’m always learning new skills. I come from a research background having completed a PhD and a postdoc in Computational Biology at the University of Nottingham. After which I worked as an RSE with the University of Leicester, before moving to Ireland and becoming self-employed. 

I first became a member of the RSE community in 2017 when I attended the second RSE conference. I have since been on the RSE conference organising committee for the past two years, although the 2020 conference was of course cancelled. I am also an active member of the SORSE committee, helping to arrange events with an international group of RSEs. I’m passionate about the RSE role and regularly speak about the work we do at conferences and events. I am genuinely thrilled to be elected a trustee and I’m looking forward to working hard for the RSE society.