Treasurer Chair

The Treasurer monitors and agrees all expenditure of the conference. The role works closely with the Logistics Chair and reports to the Society Treasurer at regular intervals (Probably monthly).

The Treasurer role is accountable to the trustees as this is a confidential and important role.

The Treasurer’s role is to control expenditure to ensure a profit to fund the Society and associated activities for 12 more months. 

The Society decides on a profit amount that the Treasurer, Programme Chair and Logistics Chair will deliver to the Society.

The conference treasurer keeps the conference spreadsheet up to date and shares it at set times with the Society.

A finance limit per transaction will be set by the Society over which the Society must be involved in the decision whether to make the purchase.

The Society Treasurer will support the incoming Conference Treasurer with initial set up and ongoing advice, based on past experience of being in the role of Conference Treasurer.