deRSE Conference 2019

First Conference for Research Software Engineers in Germany

4th – 6th June 2019, Potsdam

Following the success of the first three international Conference of Research Software Engineers in the UK, the first international conference in Germany addressing research software and the people behind it within the German research landscape was held at the Albert Einstein Science Park in Potsdam on 4-6 June 2019.

We had a lively mix of 200 attendees from different research domains. The purpose of this national conference is to get together with people who develop software that is used in any field of research. We call these people Research Software Engineers (RSEs), but they exist under many job titles (from postdoctoral researcher to research associate and faculty).

At #deRSE19 we welcome domain researchers, but also people who fund, develop, run or maintain research software and may not typically attend conferences.

A delegation from the UK RSE community attended and Alys Brett, current Chair of the Society, presented a keynote talk.

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An excellent blog post about the conference written by Florian Huber:

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