On Monday 6th September 2021, the RSE Community will reunite for SeptembRSE, the Fifth Conference of Research Software Engineers. The conference is a chance for anyone, whether you consider yourself a Research Software Engineer or not, to meet and discuss the development and recognition of research software.

This year we have moved the entire conference online. We are embracing the flexibility achievable for online events to spread all of the sessions out so that they will occupy the whole of September. All sessions will be streamed, recorded and published, meaning that you will have a whole month of material to explore throughout September at a time that is best for you!

We will run a full programme comprising keynotes, talks, posters, walkthroughs, workshops, panels, discussions, and networking sessions. We are also planning on running some blended sessions with local RSE groups who are interested in mixing screenings of SeptembRSE events with local talks and networking. Please get in touch with us if you are interested in running a blended session.

SeptembRSE will be different, but we hope the moving online will open the event up to a bigger and more diverse audience. Our sincere hope is that you find your community, learn a new skill, take part in discussions about the future of research software engineering, and get inspired by a talk – all across September.

Conference dates

28th MayPublication of the calls for submissions
2nd July  (end of day)Deadline for submissions
6th SeptemberLaunch of SeptembRSE. Welcome talks and initial keynotes.
30th SeptemberClose of SeptembRSE. Closing talks and final keynotes.

(More details about our key dates are available here)

Visit the SeptembRSE website for full details and the call for submissions. If you have any questions please get in touch at [email protected]

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