Poster Session Chair

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In general terms, the role of the Poster Session Chair is to organise the posters and poster session(s), reporting to the Programme Chair(s). This role could be well-suited to those looking to experience conference organising for the first time, due to its lower workload.

Before the conference

  • Decide on poster formats, and publicise them.
  • Call for submissions, emphasising the themes of the conference. You will be responsible for promoting the call and collating the submissions.
  • Review submissions by:
    • Deciding on the review process (inc. evaluation metrics, anonymisation process, etc.).
    • Allocating submissions to reviewers and finding additional reviewers, if needs be.
    • Making selections, and checking they satisfy the criteria and align with the themes.
    • Sending out decision emails.
    • Managing complaints and queries.
  • Update the conference website with a list of abstracts, presenter bios, and pre-prints where available.
  • Plan the poster session(s).
  • Plan the voting method, prizes and prize giving.

During the conference

  • Poster session logistics.

After the conference

  • Upload the posters to the conference website, where consent has been granted, and publicise this.
  • Push material to an online repository (e.g. FigShare) to generate DOIs and make it citable.
  • Review feedback.