RSE Conference Committee Structure

The Conference Committee are a team of volunteers responsible for delivering the Society’s annual RSE Conference in the UK. The diagram below shows the current structure of the committee and the various roles available. (Scroll down for more information about each role.)

The Steering Group

The Steering Group is made up primarily of Trustees and senior community members. The Logistics Chair and Programme chair co-lead the conference committee, working closely together from January to September to deliver the conference. They work primarily in their respective area, but along with the Treasurer role, they form a steering group for decision-making. They alternate chairing the committee meetings and can step in to cover urgent tasks for each other due to annual leave, etc.

The Steering Group is led by an Advisor Trustee and the Programme Chair. Ideally, the Programme Chair (or co-chairs) would be an experienced RSE and this position is filled annually by the RSE community. For more information or to apply to be the Programme Chair, click here.

Logistics Team

Each role is listed below, along with a brief summary; click the chair title for more information.

The logistics team includes:

Programme Team

The Programme Team roles are:

Additional Committee Roles

These roles are just as important to delivering the conference, and their role involves working across both teams.

  • The Diversity Chair work with both teams when necessary and relevant. 
  • The Logistics co-chair is a role covered by a trustee from the Society of Research Software Engineering committee.

Other Ways to Get Involved

There are other ways to support the conference, including joining our team of volunteers, as well as reviewers and session chairs. These roles are discussed here.