Publicity Chair

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The Publicity Chair works with the Logistics and EDI Chairs to ensure publicity reaches a diverse and wide range of RSEs, and responsibilities include:

  • Work closely with the EDI Chair to ensure our contacts are diverse and inclusive of more groups.
  • Take initiative to identify areas where the contact list is lacking and expand the contact list considerably.
  • Check and update the spreadsheet comprising contacts, ensuring it records dates of initial contact and reminders.
  • Write a communication plan describing what to say (and when) so others can use the text for their contacts and there is an organised approach to messaging (on Slack), tweeting and emailing the RSE community. For instance, you should write text for, and contact people about, submission and registration deadlines.
  • Proactively action the communication plan.
  • Coordinate emails to registered people.
  • Create an RSEConXX twitter account, liaising with the owner of the Society twitter account (@ResearchSoftEng) regarding this and re-tweets.
  • Create a poster for publicity and contribute to the t-shirt design, if inclined.
  • Following the conference, publicise official photos and transfer the RSEConXX twitter account to the Society.