Publicity Chair

Role Description

To work with both the Logistics and Programme Chairs in ensuring that publicity reaches a diverse and wide range of RSEs.


  • Work closely with the diversity chair to ensure that our contacts are diverse and inclusive of more groups
  • Take initiative to identify areas where the contact list is lacking and expand the contact list considerably (after reviewing the spreadsheet)
  • Checking and updating the spreadsheet with the contacts in it. (These have rather evolved and would benefit from a better review.  This year’s spreadsheet tried to map the contacts to specific domains).
  • Writing a communication plan describing when & what to say so that others can use the text for their contacts and so there is an organised approach to tweeting and emailing the RSE community
  • Proactively action the communication plan and get in touch other conference committee members on slack for contact
  • Creating text and contacting people about:
    • Submission deadlines
    • Registration deadlines
    • Coordinating emails to registered people
    • Ensure that the spreadsheet records initial contact and reminders
    • Main channels used this year were email, slack and twitter.
  • If artistic then create a poster for publicity
  • If artistic could contribute to the t-shirt design

Create a RSECon20 twitter account and liaise with the owner of the Society twitter account (@ResearchSoftEng) regarding this and about re-tweets etc. After the conference transfer the account to the RSE Society.