RSE Landscape Review

by Anika Cawthorn

The Research Software Engineering (RSE) Society EDIA subgroup recently surveyed the RSE community and the results of this survey are illustrated in the landscape review document. While there is a diverse representation in the community, only about half of the respondents of our community survey feel valued. We acknowledge that the landscape review in itself is not conclusive, but we would like to make a start and have drawn up a strategy.

Our five main aims for the short and long term future are:

  • Enabling RSEs by creating opportunities for all RSEs and aiming to get all views to be heard
  • Outreach to increase visibility of the different career paths and enable more diversity at entry level
  • Diversifying leadership by championing career progress and variety in career routes, supporting the RSE mentoring programme, fostering discussion, and creating information flows about careers that will improve diversity at all levels of our community
  • Breaking down barriers to enable access to everyone who wants to be part of the community 
  • Culture and operations change that values diversity and enhances accessibility to support participation of diverse members in RSE community

As mentioned before, we do see that as a starting point and would love to hear your thoughts, so please do reach out to us. Only the information we have documented can shape the strategy and help you feel represented as part of the community. We are keen to listen and are here to support you!

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