Talks Chair

Role Description


  • Organise the talk sessions, reporting to the conference Programme Chair
  • Coordinate a “Talks team” with one or two other members
  • Attend fortnightly online meetings with the rest of the committee
  • Liaise with Workshop Chairs to ensure theme and handling consistency
  • Liaise with the Sponsorship Chair to take over handling of sponsored talks

Before the conference

  • Conference themes: agree on this in conjunction with Programme Chair
  • Organise travel bursaries for talk presenters: advertise, review, respond
  • Talk formats: decide on (in conjunction with Programme Chair) and publicise
  • Call for submissions
    • Promote
    • Collate
  • Reviewing submissions
    • Decide on process inc. evaluation metrics, anonymisation process etc
    • Allocate submissions to reviewers and find additional reviewers if needed
    • Make selection and check it satisfies general criteria re themes
    • Send out decision emails
    • Manage complaints/queries
  • Talk mentoring
    • Promote
    • Pair up mentees and mentors
  • Programming (in conjunction with Programme Chair)
    • Group selected talks by theme
    • Devise schedule
    • Identify room specifications
    • Allocate sessions to rooms
  • Ticket reservations: provide info to allow these to be made for presenters
  • Update website content
    • general info
    • lists of abstracts/presenter bios/pre-prints where available
    • final schedule)
  • Session chairs
    • Find primary and backup chair for each  talks session
    • Produce guidance and speaker bios for session chairs
  • Work with Volunteers Chair to ensure all talk sessions are well staffed
  • Collate slides from presenters in advance of conference
  • Liaise with Keynote and sponsored talks presenters (in conjunction with Programme Chair), regarding:
    • Talk details inc. ensuring content is appropriate for conference
    • Logistics

During the conference

  • AV testing and pre-loading slide decks onto lectern PCs
  • Support for keynote and sponsored talks presenters
  • Support for other chairs as needed

After the conference

  • Upload talks audio and slides to website (where consent granted) and publicise
  • Push material to e.g. FigShare to get DOIs and make it citable
  • Review feedback