Volunteer Chair

The Volunteer Chair, who will have a relatively heavy workload in the lead up to and during the conference, is not only responsible for the volunteers but also:

  • Looking/Listening out for opportunities where volunteers could help out at the conference and noting these down for a future timetable.
  • Writing the call documents and application form for volunteers, including a section on travel bursaries, and administering the submissions. You can be provided with read access to call documents from previous years.
  • Creating a review process for bursaries.
  • Liaising with the Logistics Chair and Publicity Chair to make sure the call is widely publicised.
  • Reviewing the submissions and deciding on the volunteers.
  • Liaising with the Event Coordinator and Logistics Chair to provide volunteers to help organise social events (e.g. “pub quiz”-style events).
  • Informing the travel bursary awardees about the paperwork and rules of reimbursement.
  • Communicating in a timely manner with the volunteers and agreeing the tasks in an online meeting and written document.
  • Organising a timetable for the volunteers for each day, ensuring that every workshop, talk, cloakroom, etc. has adequate cover. You should also ensure that everyone knows where they should be and they have a copy of the volunteer timetable.
  • At the conference, you will be working to resolve any last minute issues and helping the volunteers.