Volunteer Chair

Role Description

  • Would be expected to attend the fortnightly skype meetings from January 1st and then the weekly meetings from July onwards.
  • In these meetings, you would be expected to listen out for opportunities where volunteers could help out at the conference and note these down for a future timetable
  • To write the call documents and application form for volunteers and administer the submissions (Previous years call documents can be viewed)
  • Include a section about the travel bursaries and create a review process for bursaries
  • To liaise with the logistics co-chair and publicity chair to make sure the call is widely publicised
  • To review the submissions and decide on the volunteers
  • Inform the travel bursary awardees about the paperwork and rules of reimbursement
  • Communicate in a timely manner with the volunteers and agree the tasks verbally in a skype meeting and written document
  • Organise a timetable for the volunteers for each day, ensuring that every workshop, talk, cloakroom etc has adequate cover, that everyone knows where they should be and has a copy of the volunteer timetable
  • At the conference, you will be working to resolve any last minute issues and helping volunteers